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Laser Update

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UPDATE to the update:  due to health and at least one upcoming surgery, the laser may have to be put on hold for another few weeks :( 


As many of you know, last spring we purchased a laser cutter/engraver.  Well, a big pile of life got in the way and we've not had time to troubleshoot some issues we ran in to.

I am happy to report that just yesterday we were able to resolve 2 main issues and should be able to get cutting soon.

We have received a shipment ( small-sih) of acrylic and would be more than happy to get some key chain blanks cut for you.

As for the MDF that is coated for sublimation.....I do not have any immediate plans to cut or offer those blanks. We'll see if that's something we want to do in the future.

At some point  we will offer some wood cut outs for you- so many crafty possibilities with that! Sets of seasonal shapes to add to your wood signs, door and wall hangers, custom names, etc...

Stay tuned and Happy Crafting


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