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Digital Theft Part 1

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I'd like to start talking more about digital theft because there are a lot of people who don't know or understand what that means. For example I just read a comment by someone asking if she can share a design she bought from an Etsy shop. The answer is NO, it's that simple. Digital designs cannot be shared or resold in whole or part. The creator of the design maintains the copyright now and forever.




Personally I've spent the past 8 or so years learning design skills. During that time I've spent countless hours learning and so much money purchasing fonts, brushes, design software, computers, ipads and other design tools. I still learn each time I create something and that's what I love most about it!



My designs can be purchased for an average of $3/ea ( for single designs; bundles are even less per design). It takes a lot of sales to earn a living, in fact if I were having to rely solely on my sales right now I'd starve...theft plays a big role in the decline of sales! Currently I'm struggling to break even after paying all my expenses, which includes monthly subscriptions for software, website, etc..., taxes and seller fees.


When designs are shared or resold, it hurts another small business owner. It's also incredibly discouraging and many designers are calling it quits! Digital theft/piracy is illegal and those who start FB groups for the sole purpose of sharing images/designs are creating a criminal environment.


For now I leave you with this- please do not engage in or support groups who share or distribute digital designs- if you do so and are in any of the FB groups I admin or those other designers admin, you will be removed from our groups.



Support the designers- they are a great bunch of people who want to help you by providing high quality designs, by the way any image shared on FB is reduced quality and your prints or cuts will not be the quality you want representing you, your product , your business!

We're all just trying to feed our families....$3 at a time.



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