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Tear Drop earrings Sublimation Blanks

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Sold in packs of 10( 5 sets of earrings) only

Size*:  1.591 H x 3 1.047 W 3mm thick

SVG Blank Template available  to download at time of purchase

Material: MDF for Sublimation- Double-sided

 Pressing Instructions:

Remove clear protective film.

Clean with soft cloth and alcohol paying special attention to the edges where the film residue is likely to stick.

Place sub transfer paper design face down onto the blank

Secure with heat tape

 For best results Press with paper facing up- don't forget your cover sheet.

**Press normally at 380 degrees for 50 seconds

Immediately remove paper

Repeat for the 2nd side


* sizes are approximate

** Material is to be used with a heat press. Time, Temp and pressure may vary depending upon your heat press.